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Sunday, April 2nd 2006

3:17 PM (4460 days, 23h, 35min ago)

Why? Why? Why?

Why has she not been posting?
Where is she?
What's her problem?
Hello? Hello........?!

Okay. Here I am. back from a months hiatus of sulking, traveling, dealing with motherhood of an 8th grader and enjoying my marriage. In other words. I've been busy, but not with busy things.

Yeah I know....that didn't make sense to me either....I need to write more. I plan on it.

I need a new skin....I'll work on it too along with my site that hasn't been touched in too too long. Am I just a ball of neglect? Not in my thoughts....Pincushion,DMahan,Donna,Chris,Des,Diana, et al - I miss communicating with you guys! Cheers!

16 speaketh.

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